Beware of static electricity, the dangers cannot be underestimated!

07 December 2023

Every time winter comes, we have to consider a problem – static electricity. Not only will people be disturbed by static electricity, but digital textile printers are no exception. Static electricity may affect the printing quality, causing printing ink breakage, ghosting, misalignment and other problems. So how should digital textile printers prevent static electricity interference in winter?

Beware of static electricity

Beware of static electricity

1. Correct grounding wire
Use the ground wire to conduct timely discharge of static electricity generated by the equipment.
2. Control humidity
In winter, heating or air conditioning is usually turned on indoors, which can easily increase the dryness of the room. The optimal working environment humidity of digital textile printers is 35%-65%. At this time, it is recommended that users turn on the humidifier to increase the air humidity when turning on the air conditioner.
3. Control printing speed
Different printing materials do not mean faster printing speed is better. The faster the printing speed, the higher the probability of static electricity in the digital textile printer. Therefore, everyone should choose a suitable printing mode when printing to prevent excessive static electricity.
The above are some ways to prevent excessive static electricity in digital textile printers. Eliminating static electricity in advance can keep the digital textile printer in optimal working condition at all times and create more benefits.

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