what are possible causes of white ink sedimentation

29 November 2023

It is one of common problems you may face if you do DTF prints. So what are possible causes of white ink sedimentation?

1.First, ink composition. The composition of the white ink used in DTF printing can contribute to sedimentation. If the ink contains heavy pigments or fillers, they may settle at the bottom of the container over time, leading to sedimentation. You should always use premium ink that matches best with your DTF printer. Remember to consult with your ink supplier and DTF printer supplier before you choose and buy ink.

FEDAR DTF printer ink cartridge

FEDAR DTF printer ink cartridge

2.Second, Ink Storage: Improper storage of white ink can also result in sedimentation. Exposure to extreme temperatures, especially high heat, can cause the ink components to separate and settle. So make sure that you don’t use unexpired ink and store your inks at right environment with right temperature. The normal shelf life of white ink is 6 months. Also make sure to shake the bottle before using.

White ink stirring device

FEDAR DTF printer white ink stirring device

3.Printer and Printing Conditions: DTF Printer and conditions can also affect sedimentation. If the DTF printer doesn’t have proper ink circulation, ink stirring system, it may lead to sedimentation. Furthermore, printing at slower speeds or with longer pauses may also allow sedimentation to occur. So when you buy a DTF printer make sure that you go for one that has white ink string system.

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