How do you protect your printhead?

11 December 2023

As an indispensable core part of the digital printing machine, the printhead is directly related to the print quality and effect, so the daily maintenance work is very important. Here are some tips for maintaining printheads:


1. In the case of not turning off the power switch and cutting off the total power supply, do not arbitrarily install and disassemble the electronic components of the digital printing machine, otherwise it will damage the life of each system and damage the printhead.

2. Do not use brute force to replace or fine-tune the printhead in use, and replace or fine-tune the printhead according to the specifications of the instrument user manual.

3. Do not mix two different inks in the use process, the configuration of different ink materials will be different, the mixed use of two different inks may produce chemical reactions, will directly affect the printing effect, and even cause the blockage of the printhead.

4. Do not place the printhead naked after removing it from the digital printing machine, especially in dusty places. Because the water contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, and dry ink may cause permanent plugging, permanent plugging will not be able to repair, so when the nozzle blockage occurs, it should be cleaned and repaired in time.

5. Digital textile printer printhead cleaning liquid has a certain corrosive, it is recommended to take an appropriate amount of cleaning each time.

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