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  • Printhead Quantity: 8
  • Printhead: Epson I3200-A1
  • Print Width: 3200mm
  • Print Colors: CMYK
  • Max.resolution(DPI): 360*1200DPI
  • Max speed CMYK: 1pass 420㎡/h
  • Ink Type: Pigment Ink
  • RIP Software: Maintop, Flexiprint

Products Parameters

Model FD5328E FD53215E
Printhead Type: EPSON I3200-A1 Nozzle Quantity: 3200
Quantity 8 15
Print Speed

360*200dpi 1pass 420㎡/h

360*2400dpi 2pass 210㎡/h

360*1200dpi 1pass 720㎡/h

360*2400dpi 2pass 370㎡/h

Ink Type Type: Sublimation Ink, Water-based Ink(Dye or Pigment),Color: CMYK
Print Width 3200mm
Print Media Transfer Paper
Material Transmit Inflatable Roller Auto Feeding and Take-up Media System
Dryer Extra Intelligent Fan Dryer
Moisture Mode Full Seal Auto Moisture and Cleaning
Rip Software Maintop 6.0(standard equipped), Photoprint 19, Onyx 19, Neostampa
Image Format JPG, TIFF, BMB PDF, etc.
Computer System Win7 64bits, Win10 64bits
Transmit Port Giga-bit Ethernet Port
Computer Configuration Hard Disk: SOOG or more GPU: ATI Mobility Memory 4G Random Access Memory: 8G CPU: i7 processor or above Hard Disk: 500G or more GPU: ATI Mobility Memory 4G Random Access Memory 16G CPU: i7 processor or above
Working Environment Temp: 18°C-35°C, Humidity: 35%-65%
Power 210-230V, 50/60HZ, 16A
Machine: 1500W Dryer: Max 10800W Machine: 2500W Dryer: Max 14000W
Machine Dimension 5760*1450*1850mm 5760*1450*1850mm
Packing Size 5280*1180*1770mm 5280*1180*1770mm


  • Capping Station

    Finished integrated capping station equipped with advanced intelligent nozzle cleaning and moisturizing device, providing safe and convenient nozzle cleaning and maintenance functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient. The working principle of the automatic ink cleaning function: the digital printing machine draws the ink through the nozzle of the ink pump in the ink stack to achieve the purpose of cleaning and moisturizing, preventing the nozzle from clogging. 

  • Ink Tank

    5 Liters bulk tanks with ink Starving Alarm system to make sure good print job. The powerful continuous supply ink supply system provides support for the improvement of production efficiency, avoiding the frequent shortage of ink in production and the heavy work caused by back and forth inspection. 

  • Guide Rail

    Design of double silent guide rails, which is made of alloy steel makes the carriage run more accurately and move more smoothly. 

  • Motor

    Panasonic Industry servo motor, high-speed drive, linear decoding, small error, high precision, stable operation, long life. 

  • Pulley

    10 cm thick one-time forming aluminum alloy beam with high precision servo motors on X&Y direction. Aluminium timing pulley, more stable on moving transmission. 

  • Pinch Rollers

    Special designed pinch roller made of Du-pond rubber, each roller can be lifted independently to eliminate the wrinkle caused by media moving.

  • Air Inflatable

    large bearing weight, a long service life, and the paper feeding and rewinding force is even. 

  • Keyboard

    All Functions are integrated in Printer Controlling Software. Some shortcut functions can be operated on controlling panel. 

Capping Station

Ink Tank

Guide Rail



Pinch Rollers

Air Inflatable




Productivity 610㎡/h

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Productivity 610㎡/h

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Productivity 410㎡/h

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Productivity 390㎡/h

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Productivity 370㎡/h

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