Why have to select original ink from the printer provider?

11 October 2022

  In the field of wide format digital inkjet printer, ink is an important consumable. The use of high-quality ink and inferior ink directly affects the color effect of the photo printer’s inkjet print output.

At present, there are many printers of various brands and models on the market, and the inks used by different brands of printers are also different, such as the composition of ink preparation materials, the production process and so on.

There are many benefits of using the original ink for the inkjet printer. It is recommended that you use the original ink. Because the color and printing quality are guaranteed!

The original ink of the printer provider has good compatibility, which can be applied to a variety of printing media. The ink also supports ink droplet conversion technology, color saturation and color density value up to 1.3 or more. What’s more, it has good color reproduction and wide color gamut, and ink compared with the standard parameters of color management, the color difference value is the smallest, and the color is more suitable for the needs of graphic image exporters. In addition, the original ink has a fast drying speed. Combined with the waveform of printers, it is more suitable for high-precision advertising inkjet printing, rapid output and mass production.

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