What are the application fields of digital textile printers?

30 August 2023

Due to the advantages of high printing precision, no need for plate making, flexible batch, environmental protection, and small footprint, digital printing technology is becoming more and more popular among the public.


The main advantages of thermal transfer digital printing process:

  1. This printing technology integrates green, environmental protection, low carbon, energy saving, emission reduction, ecology, etc., and is a major breakthrough in textile printing technology. Post-printed fabric, soft to the touch, bright in color, rich in layers, and good in air permeability.
  2. The thermal transfer printing process can pre-inspect the printing paper before the cloth is printed. Once any defects such as inaccurate printing and color dragging are found, they can be removed at any time. Therefore, fabrics such as clothing printed by thermal transfer printing technology rarely have defective printing.
  3. The production of digital printing truly realizes the production process of small batches and quick response. One piece can be printed, and the production batch is not subject to any restrictions.


Application field

Not all products can be printed with thermal transfer printing, which involves factors such as heat resistance and smoothness of the product. Due to the continuous advancement of technology, the products that have been maturely developed by using thermal transfer printing technology include:

Apparel: T-shirts, sweatshirts, couple clothes, swimwear, shoes and hats, and other personalized clothing…

Home textiles: curtains, shower curtains, carpets, sofa cushions, sofa releases, tablecloths, summer mats, four-piece bed sets, pillows…

Bags: suitcases, canvas bags, school bags, chest bags…

Personalized customization: advertising display, banner, tent, car cover, mouse pad, coaster…

Thermal transfer digital printing is mostly used in the textile printing market, and is suitable for polyester fabrics mainly composed of chemical fibers.

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