Printhead Using and Cleaning Precautions of Sublimation Printer

15 March 2023
  1. Do not install and disassemble the electronic components of the digital sublimation printer without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply, otherwise the service life of each system will be damaged and the printheadwill be harmed.
  2. Do not use brute force when replacing or fine-tuning the print Replace or fine-tuning the printhead according to the specifications of the instrument user manual.
  3. Do not mix two different inkduring sublimation printer working, different ink configuration of raw materials will be different, two different ink mixed use may produce chemical reactions, will directly affect the printing effect, even lead to printhead
  4. Do not put the printheadnaked after unloading from the sublimation printer, especially in dusty places. Because the moisture contained in the ink will gradually evaporate, and drying ink will lead to nozzle blockage. If the nozzle is blocked, it should be cleaned before us
  5. The flush liquid has a certain corrosive, it is recommended to clean the appropriate amount each time.
  6. Manual cleaning shall be carried out according to the steps in the operation requirements.
  7. When cleaning, a thin rubber tube can be set in the front end of the medical syringe and loaded into the strictly filtered cleaning liquid to rinse. When washing, use a magnifying glass to carefully observe the printhead nozzle. If there is silted residue next to the nozzle, soft rubber products can be used to remove it. Long-term use of the integrated printing nozzle due to ink dry and clogged spray hole, can be cleaned with special flushliquid.
  8. Do not use sharp objects to clean the printhead, do not hit the printhead and do not touch the printheadwith hands.
  9. Do not disassemble or install the printhead when it is live, and do not touch the electrical contacts on the printhead with hands or other items.

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