Happy Moment at Unique Henan

26 July 2023

Last week Zhengzhou New Century Digital Tech. Co. Ltd. (XSJ) organized a group buidling activity to Unique Henan.

The clear summer sky is brilliant. The blue sky, heaven and earth were in a dazzling light, In this beautiful season, all employees from XSJ started an immersive group building journey together to Unique Henan (Drama City)


At 10 a.m. on Friday, we entered the park for the first time, with a wide field of vision and a wide corn field. Through the “half-open” rammed earth building gate into the main city, we officially entered the time space called “fantasy City”, and opened the time travel in the long river of history.

After entering the park, seeing the stunning beauty in front of them, everyone quickly turned on the check-in mode. In the unique theater art building, shocking blockbusters were released one after another.


History of Henan can be regarded as a half of Chinese history. The park includes 3 major theme theaters, namely Fantasy City Theater, Lijiacun Theater, Railway Station Theater, and 18 small theaters scattered around. When we entered the theater with the loess on our heads, the Henan village in 1942, the century-old warehouse abandoned, the locomotive auditorium that witnessed history…all were displayed before our eyes, and a dialogue through time and space was staged.

As the sky was getting late, everyone embarked on the return journey with unsatisfactory feelings. Sitting in the car, the friends recalled today’s drama and cultural journey together. In the stories of joys and sorrows in different eras, they lamented the power of the majestic China and released their inner feelings.

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