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Wrong maintenance operation of fedar sublimation printer head
In the use of fedar sublimation printer,maintenance of print head needs to be treated carefully, but in the maintenance, there will be some wrong printhead maintenance methods, which may directly damage print head.
 Wrong Maintenance Fedar Sublimation Printer Head
1.Fedar sublimation printer is not powered off when disassembling print head.
If the power supply is not completely turned off, please not install or remove circuit of fedar sublimation printer at will. This wrong operation method can easily lead to short circuit of related circuits, especially print head.
2.Do not pay attention to electrostatic protection
The normal printing work of fedar sublimation printer is greatly affected by static electricity, so do not touch printhead directly with your hands during maintenance operation, wear protective gloves when maintaining printhead, and always check connection of ground wire.
3.Irregularly adjust position of fedar sublimation printer head
When using external force to adjust position of printhead, no matter whether it is changing or fine-tuning printhead,, do not use brute force. Please treat printhead carefully according to specifications.
4. Use poor quality ink
The use of low-quality ink and random replacement of different batches of ink and ink suppliers will not only affect color and quality of printed pattern, but also cause damage to print head of fedar sublimation printer, and it may directly cause nozzle to block. It is recommended that users must choose original ink from  manufacturer or ink recommended by relevant manufacturer.
5:.Frequent cleaning fedar sublimation printer head
Frequent cleaning of print head is also improper. On the one hand, ink waste is large, and on the other hand, it will also affect print head. The frequency of printhead cleaning is generally recommended to be thoroughly cleaned once a month, and "automatic cleaning" function in the software can be used in normal use.
Some of above-mentioned common wrong operations will easily cause bad damage to fedar sublimation printer head. If the operation exists, please correct it in time.
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