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Why data transmission is slow when Fedar sublimation printer is printing
Sublimation textile printer will have slow data transmission when printing. What is reason for this? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer will answer for you.
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1. Computer configuration is not high or computer operating system responds slowly, RIP software data cache space is small, computer operating system is infected with malicious code viruses, etc., which cause data transmission to be interrupted or slow; for this problem, you can try to replace computer online test printing, and computer operating system is checked for viruses, relevant RIP software is reinstalled, and sufficient data cache space is set.
2. Problem of data line between sublimation textile printer and computer connection, such as USB interface sublimation textile printer, USB data line is too long or quality is poor, will affect data transmission problem of Fedar sublimation printer during printing. If it is a sublimation printer with a network interface, please check online network cable, whether crystal head of network cable is in good contact, and whether sorting order is correct. Often, incorrect sorting of network cable and failure of crystal head will affect data transmission.
3. Driver related to sublimation textile printer must be installed correctly. For Fedar sublimation printer with USB interface, driver must be installed for USB; network interface for Fedar sublimation printer is online, and IP setting must be set according to online installation instructions provided by manufacturer.
4. Problem of data control board of Fedar sublimation printer, such as damage of main board, high temperature of main board, and failure of related electronic components on main board due to high temperature. These will affect data transmission problem between computer and Fedar sublimation printer.
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