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What should I pay attention to when using ink of Fedar sublimation printer?
Sublimation fabric printer ink is an indispensable consumable in printing process, so what matters should be paid attention to in process of using ink? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer has summarized some methods for users' reference.
 Sublimation Fabric Printer
1. When using ink of Fedar sublimation printer, users must not mix different types of inks, such as water-based inks and eco-solvent inks. Main components of eco-solvent inks are organic solvents, generally, ester and ketone solvents are used. If mixed with water-based inks, ink path system and nozzles of printer will be blocked. If user accidentally adds wrong ink for Fedar sublimation printer, entire ink circuit needs to be cleaned and damper replaced at same time. If cleaning is not clean, entire ink supply system needs to be replaced. Therefore, user must not mix different types of ink.
2. In addition, different brands of sublimation fabric printer inks can not be mixed, different manufacturers, chemical composition fluency, dryness, etc. will be different, use of different sublimation fabric printers will produce different effects, mixed with different brands of Fedar sublimation printers Ink, it will affect quality of printed picture, but also cause nozzle to block, thereby shortening life of nozzle.
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