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What should I do if Fedar sublimation printer cannot pump ink normally?
Users are very familiar with Fedar sublimation printer, so what is reason why Fedar sublimation printer can’t pimp ink normally? How to solve it?
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In fact, there are still many reasons that cause Fedar sublimation printer to not pump ink normally. For details, please refer to following introduction:
1. You can check Fedar sublimation printer head data line to see if it is plugged in;
2. If position of capping station is not right, it is easy to cause Fedar sublimation printer to be unable to pump ink, so you must adjust position of capping station; in addition, if cap ages, it cannot be pumped normally. Ink, you can use a new one.
3. Ink pump of Fedar sublimation printer does not turn is also a common cause, you can check wiring to see if it is connected in place;
4. It may also be that Fedar sublimation printer head is damaged. Try to replace Fedar sublimation printer head with a new one.
5. Check whether trolley frame is well adjusted.
Usually, when you find that Fedar sublimation printer cannot pump ink, you should check these aspects one by one. I believe you will be able to solve problem. If you want to know more about Fedar sublimation printer, you can continue to pay attention to this site, this site will share more Fedar sublimation printer knowledge!
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