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What is pass of Fedar sublimation printer?
Users who have used Fedar sublimation printer should have heard of term "pass", and term "feathering printing" appears at same frequency. So what exactly is a pass? And what is relationship between pass and feather printing?
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In technical parameters of Fedar sublimation printer, we often see information such as 2pass, 4pass, 6pass, etc. In printing industry, "pass" refers to number of times picture needs to be printed (number of times per unit area), the higher number of PASS,the slower printing speed, the better print quality, otherwise opposite is true.
As a digital printing machine, Fedar sublimation printer transfers data to device through computer to complete entire process of printing. Fedar sublimation printer gradually completes output of picture by moving carriage with nozzle left and right. It is precisely because car is printed back and forth, so requirements for print head of Fedar sublimation printer are relatively high. If printing accuracy of Fedar sublimation printer is not met and printer is not adjusted in place, it is easy to produce a PASS channel, which can be seen on screen with naked eye parallel textures.
Feather printing is inseparable from pass. Feather printing can add another insurance to exquisite printing quality of Fedar sublimation printer. All Fedar sublimation printers provide feather printing function, which can be easily operated by even novices and comprehensively improve picture quality.
Advantages of feathering function of Fedar sublimation printer are as follows:
1.feathering function effectively prevents generation of pass of Fedar sublimation printer, which cannot be eliminated after pass is generated, which will affect effect of picture.
2.feather printing method of Fedar sublimation printer effectively improves quality of printing, and good effect can bring you greater economic value.
3.everyone needs to pay attention to not confuse pass with disconnection, be sure to distinguish clearly, and then adopt different treatment methods according to specific situation. Disconnection means that print head is broken, and it is necessary to check whether print head is blocked or ink supply system is leaking. When PASS channel appears, please stop printing immediately, and then directly print test strip for adjustment.
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