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What are reasons for nozzle missing of Fedar sublimation printer?
In some cases, there is nozzle missing in printing of Fedar sublimation printer. What are reasons for this phenomenon? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers summarized some reasons for your reference.
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1. Nozzle is blocked. Because nozzle of Fedar sublimation printer head is extremely small, small dust in air may cause nozzle to be blocked. If nozzle is clogged, nozzle missing will occur during printing. Because of characteristics of nozzle, it is necessary to maintain nozzle. Do not put print head in air. When sublimation textile printer head is not working, return head to capping station to prevent nozzle.
2. There is air leakage in ink supply system of Fedar sublimation printer. If any part of ink cartridge, ink tube, damper, etc. leaks, it will cause a large number of bubbles in ink, which will cause nozzle missing in printed picture.
Problem of consumables. Some inks have a lot of deposits and are easiest to block ink tubes and sublimation printer head. Such inks must not be used. Some inks will produce a large number of bubbles due to chemical reactions due to changes in ambient temperature and humidity, which will inevitably lead to poor print quality. Therefore, it is recommended that user of Fedar sublimation printer choose original genuine ink.
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