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What are reasons for large ink output of Fedar sublimation printer?
If ink output of Fedar sublimation printer is too large, color of printed picture will be heavier, and drying speed of picture will be reduced due to thick ink layer. So what causes excessive ink output of Fedar sublimation printer?
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1. Check whether Maintop software used by Fedar sublimation printer matches sublimation printer model. Different driver software uses different print head voltages. If driver software used does not match printer model, print head voltage will be too large. Ink output is too large. In this case, you need to reinstall sublimation printer driver.
2. Check if Maintop software is correct. Maintop software used by different brands of Fedar sublimation printer is different. If it does not match, please reinstall Maintop software.
3. Cause of large ink output is also related to trolley plate of sublimation ink printer. If it is determined that it is not a software problem, you can replace trolley plate and test to see if it is a problem with trolley plate.
4. One more thing to note is that ink of Fedar sublimation printer. Curve of Fedar sublimation printer is adjusted and designed according to original ink, so color printed with original ink will be more stable, and other inks are uncertain. It is recommended that users of sublimation printer choose original ink.
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