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Use of fedar heat transfer printer head
Print head is the key component of fedar heat transfer printer. Many users of fedar heat transfer printer have encountered problem that print head does not work properly. Fedar heat transfer printer manufacturer will introduce common reasons that affect normal operation of fedar heat transfer printer head.
 Use of Fedar Heat Transfer Printer Head
1. Static interference
A working environment that is too dry will generate a lot of static electricity and damage fedar heat transfer printer head circuit; or when using printing materials, especially when using plastic-based materials, such as PP and adhesive media, will also generate a lot of static electricity; damage print head or cause nozzle is blocked and damaged.
2. There is air in the pipe
The contact point between pipe and printhead is loose or printhead is leaking, causing ink to flow back to ink supply tank, causing printhead of fedar heat transfer printer to be burnt and damaged. If there are bubbles in process of filling ink, it will cause a short circuit, which will cause entire group of nozzles to fail.
3. External voltage
External voltage is too high or unstable, which has a great impact on printhead, which may cause fedar heat transfer printer to burn printhead or not recognize printhead.
4. Ink quality
Ink contains a variety of chemical components, often due to factors such as imperfect filtration, excessively high viscosity, and insufficient moisturizing fluid, causing fedar heat transfer printer head to malfunction.
5. Not paying attention to operation and maintenance
For Epson series print heads, direct cause of damage is physical damage, that is, due to the warped edges of media such as paper, the metal perforations at the bottom of print head are scratched during the printing process, causing damage to nozzles of fedar heat transfer printer head.
The cleaning box on right side of fedar heat transfer printer should be removed frequently and cleaned with pure water to prevent too much ink from clogging nozzle.
The nozzle of fedar heat transfer printer adopts Epson printhead,which has a longer service life and more stable performance. The printhead can ensure the exquisite effect of picture.
Fedar Heat Transfer Printer