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Solutions to streaks in image output of Fedar sublimation printer
Fedar sublimation printer will inevitably encounter many problems in use process, and users should master some skills to solve them. When there are streaks on image output by Fedar sublimation printer, how to solve it?
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〈1〉 Improve working environment of Fedar sublimation printer
If studio is too dry and media’s discharge is too high, it will generate a lot of static electricity, or cause impurities to accumulate and block Fedar sublimation printer head; interfere with image output effect, especially streaks.
〈2〉 Pay attention to daily operation of Fedar sublimation printer
Excessive ink accumulation in s at bottom of ink head, dirty cleaner brushes, and dirty chips on back will cause continuous streaks in output image.
〈3〉 Use high-quality cables for Fedar sublimation printer
Use low-quality parallel printing cables or non-IEEE1284 standard parallel cables for printing; weak current will interfere with image output quality, resulting in inconsistent color output or streaks.
〈4〉Check if gear of stepping motor is loose or dirty
〈5〉 Adjust printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer
If printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer is set too fast, streaks will appear.
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