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Print head of Fedar sublimation printer is often blocked?
After Fedar sublimation printer has been used for a long time, print heads will be clogged from time to time during use, so why are print heads of Fedar sublimation printer blocked?
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There are roughly following reasons for clogging of Fedar sublimation printer head:
1. Ink problem
This is most common way to block print head of Fedar sublimation printer. Ink of Fedar sublimation printer is a volatile liquid. Some ink will remain around print head during printing, and it will block print head after drying. Another problem is quality of ink. Inferior ink has poor composition and is easy to deposit impurities, which can block Fedar sublimation printer head.
2. Damaged piezoelectric crystal
Service life of a Fedar sublimation printer head is closely related to inkjet workload. If inkjet workload is large, piezoelectric crystal in Fedar sublimation printer head will also be consumed, and print head sometimes ejects ink, and sometimes it cannot eject ink; Especially when spraying dark pictures, "clogging" phenomenon is more obvious. At this time, it is best to replace a new print head.
3. Failure of drive circuit
Aging of electronic components of driving circuit and accumulation of too much dry ink dirt may affect voltage of driving print head, resulting in no ink or unstable ink output from Fedar sublimation printer head.
In addition to above reasons, clogging of print head is also related to ink mixing, clogging of filter in Fedar sublimation printer head, and working environment of Fedar sublimation printer. It is important to understand reasons for clogging of printer head to prevent it in advance. It is also important to know how to handle clogging of Fedar sublimation printer head.
When print head is blocked, it can be handled by print head cleaning. Method of print head cleaning is as follows:
Pour cleaning liquid into print head cleaner at a height that just soaks print head, and do not let cleaning liquid touch circuit board of print head. Fedar sublimation printer head is soaked in cleaning fluid for several hours so that cleaning fluid can play a role. When soaking, it can be used with print head cleaner to enhance cleaning effect.
Print head cleaning of Fedar sublimation printer is actually cleaning damper and filter inside. Damper and filter of Fedar sublimation printer are integrated. Use a syringe to press pure water or cleaning fluid into ink outlet of damper, or pour it out from other end. Until no impurities or contaminants are extracted.
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