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Precautions for installation of fedar sublimation printer head
At present, Epson print heads are widely used in fedar sublimation printer, and impact of print heads on fedar sublimation printer is quite large.Following points must be paid attention to when installing print heads.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer Head Installation
1. Before installing fedar sublimation printer head, first make sure that fedar sublimation printer is working normally,voltage is normal, and fedar sublimation printer is connected to ground wire.
2. Before installation, there should be no sweat or water vapor on operator's hands, because once fedar sublimation printer head line is plugged, it may cause printhead to short circuit! Also remember not to wear clothing that is prone to static electricity such as plastic cloth. When installing, be sure to turn off fedar sublimation printer power first, and unplug power cord to proceed!
3.Generally, there are no less than two printhead data plug-in wires on fedar sublimation printer head.Check whether wire end of plug-in wire has raised pins and whether it is flat. It is best to use new plug-in wire and plug it into fedar sublimation printer head. Also note that direction of printhead line should not be reversed.
4.When fedar sublimation printer head line is connected to trolley board,printer needs to be operated without electricity! Be careful not to insert wrong position of printhead line.
5. After everything is installed, check three to five times and turn on fedar sublimation printer power after confirming that there is no problem. It is best not to turn on printhead first, first use ink pump to draw ink, and then turn on printhead power. If fedar sublimation printer has a power switch, first check whether flash spray is normal. If flash spray is normal, installation is successful. If flash spray is abnormal, please turn off fedar sublimation printer power immediately and check if there is a problem in other places.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
6. Installation of fedar sublimation printer head must be careful,work before installation cannot be less, and it must be organized clearly.
7.It is also very important to check whether fedar sublimation printer head is a new one before installation.
8. When inserting damper, do not let ink drip onto data line, because ink will directly enter circuit when it flows down data line. Entering fedar sublimation printer circuit may cause a short circuit and burn print head directly.
9.Ink used in print head of fedar sublimation printer should be high-quality ink. At the same time, pay more attention to maintenance of fedar sublimation printer and printhead to extend life of printhead.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer Factory
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