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Is Fedar digital printing really environmentally friendly?
With the popularization of electronic computer technology, the digital printing machine made breakthrough progress. In 1995, the on-demand inkjet digital jet printing machine was invented. With the emergence of this technology, the development of digital printing technology has begun to enter an era of arrogance and controversy.
Our company takes quality as the foundation, and continual scientific and technological innovation as its purpose. Specializing in the production and sales of thermal transfer printing and digital printing. With strict management system and rich production experience, we make our products meet various strict requirements and quality.
Le’s share with you whether the digital printing is really environmentally friendly.
Digital printing does not require complicated plate-making parts. During the entire printing process, no water is needed, and no staff is required to prepare color paste. After the machine is set up and the ink cartridge is installed, the printing mode is started and the machine will follow Need to distribute the dye and spray the ink directly on the fabric.
In the process of spray printing, the dye produced by the printing machine during the mixing process is avoided, so there is no discharge of the colorant and no pollutants. Compared with the traditional printing method, Fedar dye sublimation printer digital printing is more environmentally friendly.
Fedar dye sublimation printer