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Ink cartridge of fedar sublimation printer leak failure
If fedar sublimation printer has problems such as ink leakage from ink cartridge and air leakage in ink path, it will easily cause nozzle missing or print disconnection when fedar sublimation printer is working, which will affect print quality. Therefore, in process of using and maintaining fedar sublimation printer, it is necessary to pay attention to sealability of ink supply system and ink path.
 Ink Cartridge Fedar Sublimation Printer
1. Working principle
During normal use of fedar sublimation printer, printer head is closely connected with ink tube and ink supply cartridge. Through siphon principle, printhead is continuously supplied with ink during printing process of fedar sublimation printer to ensure normal inkjet printing.
2. Failure performance
During printing process,fedar sublimation printer will have phenomenon that bubbles do not go into printhead,phenomenon of backflow of bubbles,ink accumulation at nozzle is very serious, and contact belt will be stained ink. These are more obvious air leakage performances related to poor ink supply seal of fedar sublimation printer.
Fedar Sublimation Printer 
①In this case, ink cartridge may leak air or elbow interface is not sealed or related ink supply tube is broken. Please check interface of ink filling connection,ink cartridge interface and sealing condition of damper. You can remove these interfaces and reconnected to avoid loosening and affect tightness of connection.
②Similarly, in daily use of fedar sublimation printer, we must pay attention to tightness of ink supply pipeline. To make ink supply pipeline system connection tight, check cap of ink storage tube and tighten it to ensure that there is no looseness, or reinforce sealing nozzle and pin connection to avoid looseness;
③At the same time, when adding ink to fedar sublimation printer and other maintenance operations, pay attention to correct ink filling operation. Please follow ink filling operation instructions provided by fedar sublimation printer manufacturer to operate. Pay attention to standard ink storage capacity of ink cartridge, usually ink capacity is 2/ 3.
④In addition, during use of fedar sublimation printer, if you find that related ink supply tubes, ink cartridges, and damper are leaking, please replace them in time to keep fedar sublimation printer in best uninterrupted state.
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