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How to use Fedar sublimation printer head for a long time?
Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers explain to users how to use some techniques to delay life of sublimation printer head.
 Sublimation Textile Printer
1.After loading ink, you should wait for about 15 minutes first, so that ink can naturally and completely penetrate into second compartment of sublimation textile printer head, which can minimize congestion of print head!
2.It is best to perform an ink absorption operation when Fedar sublimation printer head is on machine to see if there is still ink flowing out, so as to ensure normal use of printer head. In addition, in process of using, we must pay attention to surface of sublimation printer head is clean, and ink in head is sufficient.
3. Pay attention to damage caused by static electricity to Fedar sublimation printer head. When weather is relatively dry, you should pay more attention to static electricity of sublimation textile printer. Wipe metal parts of Fedar sublimation printer with a moist towel or increase air humidity. This will greatly reduce damage caused by static electricity to print head of Fedar sublimation printer!
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
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