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How to solve obvious broken lines in printed image?
What should I do if there is obvious disconnection on printed pictures during use of sublimation printer? Fedar sublimation fabric printer manufacturer summarized some reasons and solutions to help you quickly resume printing.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
Reason 1: print head is broken. As long as one nozzle of print head is blocked, it may cause broken lines in image. If multiple nozzle are blocked, broken lines will become more serious.
Solution: Clean printhead of sublimation printer to remove clogged nozzle.
Reason 2: Impurities in the pipeline
Solution: clean pipeline of Fedar sublimation printer
Reason 3: Impurities in damper of sublimation printer
Solution: clean damper tube
Reason 4: ink is contaminated, and ink quality is problematic
Solution: Replace ink for sublimation printer
Reason 5: There is air in damper of sublimation printer
Solution: Exhaust air in damper
Reason 6: Print head is in poor condition
Solution: Replace Fedar sublimation printer head
Reason 7: Nozzle surface is too dirty and fluffy
Solution: clean nozzle surface
Reason 8: Scraper and capping station of sublimation printer are too dirty
Solution: clean wiper blade, damper, capping station
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