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Fedar sublimation printer suddenly not print
Fedar sublimation printer suddenly fails to print, what should I do? Don't worry, fedar printer factory has collected some reasons and shared them for your reference.
1.Fedar sublimation printer cannot detect paper
When fedar sublimation printer cannot sense the paper, it will not continue printing task. At this time, fedar sublimation printer with display screen will prompt paper-related warnings. We need to check whether paper is well loaded. It is necessary to check whether print loading item of auxiliary function in the software menu can detect paper, and reload the paper if necessary.
2.Fedar sublimation printer's data line
Check whether print data cable is normal and replace it if necessary.
3.Fedar sublimation printer's Maintop Software
Fedar sublimation printer's Maintop Software sometimes loses files due to anti-virus software or poisoning. We need to uninstall the Maintop software completely, and then reinstall and use it.
4.Fedar sublimation printer's computer system
Sometimes fedar sublimation printer’s computer system is not compatible,then this situation will occur. It is recommended to reinstall system or replace computer. Some people say why it can be printed in the first place? Because of incompatibility, fedar sublimation printer will sometimes be normal and not normal.
5.Fedar sublimation printer's print port
There are many USB ports commonly used in fedar sublimation printers. When you change interface, you need to adjust corresponding settings to use it normally. Network printing requires a unified IP address, we need to check whether the IP address is consistent.
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