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Fedar sublimation printer head oblique spray
Oblique spray of Fedar sublimation printer head is one of problems that may occur during printing process of Fedar sublimation printer. So what causes oblique spray of Fedar sublimation printer head and how to solve it?
 Fedar Sublimation Printer Head Oblique Spray
There are three main reasons for oblique spray of Fedar sublimation printer head. One is that distance between printhead and printing media is too far,second is that static electricity between printhead and material is too large, and the third is that printhead is blocked.
1. Distance between Fedar sublimation printer head and material is too far
If Fedar sublimation printer head is too far away from printing media, Fedar sublimation printer head power will be insufficient, and ink cannot be sprayed to specified position well, which will easily cause problem of Fedar sublimation printer head oblique spray. Solution is to adjust height of Fedar sublimation printer head so that distance between print head and print media cannot be too far.
2. There is too much static between Fedar sublimation printer head and material
Friction is root cause of static electricity. In normal working process of Fedar sublimation printer, it is inevitable that various components will rub against each other to generate static electricity, and Fedar sublimation printer head is no exception. At this time, some measures need to be taken to reduce probability of static electricity, such as appropriately increasing humidity of printing work environment, keeping humidity in range of 35%-65%, and secondly, do not choose ink with too high viscosity.
3. Fedar sublimation printer head is clogged
Clogging of Fedar sublimation printer head will cause many printing problems, and oblique spray is one of them. Regarding how to prevent clogging of print head of Fedar sublimation printer, it is mainly to select high-quality original ink, move small carriage back to capping station after printing is completed, and regularly clean and maintain Fedar sublimation printer head.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
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