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Fedar sublimation printer head clogged
Fedar sublimation printer head is precision component with high precision and small nozzle. Once it encounters inferior ink or irregular operation, it may cause print head to block. Therefore, users must pay attention to standard operation and print head maintenance when using Fedar sublimation printer.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer Head Clogged
1. How to avoid print head clogging of Fedar sublimation printer
①Operation of Fedar sublimation printer must be standardized.
Be sure to print a test strip before using each time to test print status of Fedar sublimation printer head; after printing, Fedar sublimation printer head should return to capping station in time to prevent it from being exposed to air for a long time, which will cause ink to condense and block nozzle.
②Pay attention to avoid inferior ink.
Raw materials used in inferior ink are of poor quality, with large particles and many impurities, which can easily block nozzle, causing Fedar sublimation printer to nozzle missing and lack of color. Therefore, it is recommended that you must choose high-quality inks.Manufacturer's original inks are preferred,quality is guaranteed and compatibility with Fedar sublimation printer is better.
2. How to deal with clogging of Fedar sublimation printer head
①When Fedar sublimation printer head is relatively lightly clogged,cleaning function of Fedar sublimation printer should be used first for ink extraction. If print head clogging is serious, you can remove print head and put it in cleaning solution to soak and clean.
②Judge cause of print head blockage according to actual situation, and deal with it in a targeted manner.Gradual nozzle missing during printing process may be caused by dirty damper and aging of nozzles. At this time,damper and print head need to be replaced. If nozzle missing suddenly occur during printing process, and it is severe, it is mostly caused by ink, and you need to replace high-quality ink.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
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