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Fedar FD65-2 Pyrograph Film Printer: the hottest printing machine in 2020
In digital printing industry, in addition to the prevalence of multi-printhead printers this year, compact fedar pyrograph film printer have emerged as the hottest printing machine in 2020.
Fedar pyrograph film printer-FD65-2, a complete heat transfer solution, saves time and effort. It made a stunning appearance at the just-concluded Guangzhou exhibition. Let's take a look!
 Fedar Pyrograph Film Printer
Complete pyrograph film printer workflow
Design → Printing → Shaking Powder → Pressing
 pyrograph film printer workflow
Advantages of Fedar pyrograph film printer-FD65-2:
☑ Integrated high-power motor ensures smoother movement of trolley under premise of increased speed.
☑ Free engraving, free plate hollowing, offset heat transfer printing, simple and easy to use water-based paint.
☑ Fedar pyrograph film printer-FD65-2 adopts Epson I3200-A1 printhead, which is cost-effective, 6pass 10㎡/h, 8pass 8㎡/h.
☑ The cost of Fedar pyrograph film printer is only 5 yuan per piece, which is done in one go and high efficiency.
 Fedar FD65-2 Pyrograph Film Printer Advantages
Fedar pyrograph film printer can heat various pictures on cotton, linen, chemical fiber and other fabrics, and can also perform heat treatment such as screen printing, glue, foaming, etc., which are especially suitable for making medals, commemorative cards, cultural shirts, etc., economical and practical, with exquisite patterns.
 Application of Fedar Pyrograph Film Printer