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Factors that affect printing effect of Fedar sublimation printer
What factors are often related to printing effect of Fedar sublimation printer? In order to produce better picture, we need to consider what impact. Today, let’s learn about following factors that affect effects of Fedar sublimation printer working.
 Affect Fedar Sublimation Printer Quality
1. Ink used by Fedar sublimation printer. Different brands of inks have different chemical components, and colors will also have corresponding differences when printing. Here, it is recommended to use high-fluency inks with good adsorption, strong compatibility and high reducibility.
2. Quality of Fedar sublimation printer head. Quality of Fedar sublimation printer is good or bad, which also directly affects printing effect, such as nozzle missing, nozzle blockage, etc.
3. Choice of printing media of Fedar sublimation printer: different brands of paper with different textures have different printing effects, for example: whiter paper produces pictures with fresher colors.
4. Pictures printed with different software have different color saturation.
5. Clarity of original picture.
The above points will affect effect of Fedar sublimation printer when image is produced. If image output is not good, you can improve it according to above related factors to improve quality and perfect effect of Fedar sublimation printer.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
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