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Daily maintenance work of sublimation fabric printer
If you are a user of sublimation fabric printer, please follow following items to do a good job in maintenance of Fedar sublimation printer.
 Sublimation Fabric Printer
1. After using sublimation printer every day, please drop a special cleaning solution into cap before shutting down, do a cleaning, and then print a test strip to check to make sure that printhead is in normal condition, and then put car in capping station and put printhead in low gear and shut down normally.
2. It is recommended to print nozzle test strip every day to check whether printhead of Fedar sublimation printer is clogged. If there is clogging, please perform cleaning operation to ensure that nozzle is kept in good condition.
3. If your sublimation printing machine is out of service for more than 3 days, please clamp two ink tubes under cap with clips, and drop some cleaning fluid into cap to ensure that nozzle surface is wet and not dry, which is more effective protect nozzle.
4. Develop problem of keeping surface of printer clean, clean up paper debris and ink residue on printing platform of printing machine in time, and clean up waste ink in waste ink bottle at regular intervals.
5. Please pay attention to protection of sublimation printer body. Do not disassemble case to avoid exposure of main board and ink supply pipeline of Fedar printer machine.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
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