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Daily maintenance technical knowledge of Fedar DTF printer
Daily maintenance is indispensable if you want DTF t shirt printer to be in best operating condition at all times. So in daily maintenance process, what are parts that need to be checked? Fedar DTF printer manufacturer will answer for you.
 DTF T Shirt Printer
1. Cleaning bottom of printhead of DTF printer: Move trolley to left position, and wipe edge of printhead protection block with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid, once a week, to achieve a clean effect.
2. Wipe blade cleaning: wipe edge of blade with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid, once every 10 days, to keep it clean.
3. Cap cleaning of Fedar DTF printer: wipe edge of cap with a cotton swab dipped in cleaning fluid, once every 10 days, to keep it clean.
4. Replace cap for DTF printer: It is recommended to replace it every 3-4 months.
5. Replace damper: It is recommended to replace damper for Fedar DTF Printer every 3 months.
6. Encoder strip cleaning: Wipe both sides of encoder strip with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, and clean it with pure water once a month to keep it clean.
7. Guide rail maintenance: maintain guide rail with grease every week.
8. Belt maintenance: check whether belt is worn out every three months.
 DTF T Shirt Printer
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