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Causes of Fedar sublimation textile printer rubbing paper
Fedar sublimation textile printer will rub paper during use. What is cause of this? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer has summarized some reasons for users reference.
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1. Suction system of Fedar sublimation textile printer is abnormal, causing printing consumables to not fit, and paper rubbing failure during printing process will occur. First of all, check whether small holes on suction platform are blocked, and secondly, check whether components of suction system are faulty. Eliminating these two factors one by one can solve problem of rubbing paper caused by abnormal suction.
2. Problem of printing media. Wrinkles of printing consumables can easily lead to sending of rubbing paper. Therefore, before printing, you must ensure that printing paper is flat. Secondly, unevenness of surface of printing media is relatively large, especially for custom manufacturers who express requirements of three-dimensional embossed picture. It is necessary to adjust height of nozzle according to characteristics of consumables to ensure normal ink ejection of nozzle, thereby reducing paper rubbing.
3. Uneven damping at both ends of paper feeder of Fedar sublimation textile printer will also cause paper rubbing. This is because function of paper feeder itself is designed to securely store printing media. This part is required for paper feeding and delivery of Fedar sublimation textile printer. If damping force on both ends is uneven, it is easy to cause printing media tilt left and right on printing platform. To solve this problem, you only need to re-adjust damping at both ends to ensure that damping force is even.
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