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Causes of easy damage to Fedar sublimation printer head
Fedar sublimation printer has been widely used in t shirt printing industry. While it has brought you a lot of convenience, there are also some minor problems, so let's talk about reasons why sublimation textile printer is easy to damage.
 Sublimation Textile Printer
1. Since people always like festive colors of red and purple, many of them require design to be a red color when designing pictures. Therefore, amount of yellow ink will be correspondingly larger than that of other colors when spraying. And we know that life of sublimation textile printer head is directly proportional to its ink output, which is main reason why yellow nozzle is easily broken.
2. Problem of trolley board of Fedar sublimation printer. If there is a problem with trolley board, this phenomenon will also occur.
3. Ink quality problems. Some inkjet companies choose some off-brand inks in order to reduce production costs. Although ink prices of these small factories are very low, quality may not be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose large brand inks with guaranteed quality.
4. Problem of contact belt of Fedar sublimation printer, if there is a problem with contact belt of a certain color, it will cause phenomenon that sublimation textile printer head is easy to burn if contact is not good.
 Fedar Sublimation Printer
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