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Basic knowledge of sublimation printer operators
The biggest advantage of sublimation fabric printers, which is different from traditional printing, is that it saves effort and labor. So what knowledge should you know as a sublimation printing machine operator? Fedar sublimation printer factory to share with you some knowledge about correct operation of sublimation printer.
 Sublimation Fabric Printer cannot be opened and double-clicked twice at same time. Because system software monopolizes hardware, do not start software again while software is running, that is, start it twice in a row, otherwise computer will freeze.
2. Do not change system time in control software easily.
Do not click other function keys in application software during printing process of Fedar sublimation printer.
When sublimation fabric printer is turned on, power switch must be turned on first, and then printer switch. Turn it on in sequence according to sequence, and reverse operation when turning off power.
If sublimation printhead is blocked during printing, you can press pause button to clean it halfway, and continue printing after cleaning, and observe printing effect.
When system software displays parameters, check whether settings are correct, and be sure to confirm correct settings before printing.
Fedar sublimation printer operators must develop good working habits to maintain printhead every day, strictly maintain a good operating environment around printer machine, and observe temperature and humidity.
Frequently check ink in ink cartridge of sublimation printing machine and ink status in waste ink cartridge. It needs to be added in time, and waste ink should be discarded in time when it is full.
Check guide rails of Feda sublimation printing machine frequently, and oil guide rails in time.
Check various circuit connectors, screws, etc. to observe whether there is any looseness, and pay attention to adjusting tightness of timing belt.
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