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Advantages of direct fabric printing machine
Many customers choose Fedar direct fabric printers when printing pure cotton fabrics. So what are advantages of direct cotton printer? Fedar printer manufacturer answers for you.
 Direct Cotton Printer
1. operation of direct cotton printer is very simple. Digital touch screen operation panel and automatic cleaning system of conductive belt can be operated freely without help of instructions.
2. Direct cotton printer work process is also very simple, spray pre-treatment liquid -> print on machine -> fix color, process is very short, standardized fixed format operation.
3. Direct cotton printer has a wide range of printing fabrics, which can print all kinds of garment pieces, pieces of cloth, and elastic materials cyclically. Especially, it has absolute advantage in printing pure cotton fabrics.
4. Compatible with a variety of inks, with a wider range of printing, gradation colors can be printed, all colors can be printed at one time, and color reproduction is high.
5. Color will not fade after washing, high color fastness, breathable and scratch resistant.
6.Automatic correction function of cloth ensures that there is no deviation during loop of guide belt, and left and right deviation is less than 0.3mm.
 Fedar Direct Fabric Printer
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 Fedar Direct Fabric Printer Factory