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A blank lines appears in printing picture of Fedar sublimation printer
In process of using Fedar sublimation printer, there are blank lines in printing screen. What is reason? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer summarized some reasons for users' reference.
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1. There is air leakage inside ink supply system of Fedar sublimation printer, causing intermittent ink supply, resulting in blank lines on screen.
2. Problem of clogging of Fedar sublimation printer head.Print head has many small nozzles, if part of nozzles are blocked, printing needle will be broken and blank lines will appear.
3. Broken needle problem, that is, part of nozzle can no longer be printed. This situation is related to many factors. If there are not many clogged nozzles, you can still print normally. If it has reached point where printing effect is affected, you can only replace nozzle of Fedar sublimation printer.
4. When Fedar sublimation printer head is slightly clogged, you can use nozzle cleaning function of sublimation printer to clean nozzle.
5. Clogging of nozzle is also related to quality of ink, so pay attention to choice of ink.
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